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    ✨✨Happy Fourth of July!!! Dear friends, wishing you and your family a safe, happy and memorable Fourth of July! ✨✨
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    Happy Mothers' Day...thank you to all mothers, grandmothers, mothers that are in heaven, stepmoms, foster mothers, and the person who without being our biological mother took it up to herself to give us love, guidance, protection, and care. THANK YOU..., wherever you are! Feliz Día de la Madres... gracias a todas las madres, abuelas, madres que están en el cielo, madrastras, madres adoptivas, y a la persona que sin ser nuestra madre biológica se encargó de darnos amor, guía, protección y cuidado. ¡GRACIAS..., estés donde estés!
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    Good morning! Buenos días!
    If you need to have a consultation or have questions for Mr. Volkov, please contact us at 336-609-3400. Unfortunately, have been unable to retrieve 7 new emails sent to us through the FB messenger, due to the changes made by Meta. Thank you! Silvia
    Si necesita una consulta o tiene preguntas para Mr. Volkov, por favor contáctenos al 336-609-3400. Desafortunadamente, no hemos podido leer 7 nuevos correos electrónicos que fueron enviados a través del mensajero de FB, esto debido a los cambios realizados por Meta. Gracias! Silvia
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    Hello friends - Thank you for being part of our Volkov Law's family. We hope you celebrate today by doing the things you love and with the people who are most special and dear to you.  Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!
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    happy valentines day to you .
    20 weeks ago Nick Nagorny
    Thank you! Same to your family, say hello to Denis.