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    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    Your employer may refer you to a doctor or clinic if they do not have an on-site medical provider. If you do not receive instructions as of where to go, then obtain medical care appropriate to your medical needs on your own. You can determine the urgency of your medical condition and decide if you can wait to go to your family doctor or if your condition is urgent then go to a hospital emergency room. 2. INFORM THE MEDICAL PROVIDER.
    You need to inform the doctor that you got hurt on the job, describe the mechanism of your accident/injury and provide them with your employer’s information.  3. REPORT YOUR INJURY TO YOUR EMPLOYER.
    As soon as you can, you must inform your employer, crew supervisor, manager, that you got hurt on the job. If as result of your injury you are unable to speak personally with your employer then you need to have a person you trust including the doctor’s office, report the injury to your employer. 4. SEEK LEGAL HELP – CONTACT AN ATTORNEY.
    You need to file a Form 18 with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. It is also possible that the workers compensation carrier might want to take your recorded statement of the facts surrounding your injury, accident. It is important that you have legal representation before you communicate with the carrier.
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    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN: The proper use of seat belts, as opposed to simply using a seat belt at all is imperative.
    For children, if the seat belt is not correctly fastened across the body, or the child does not have an appropriate car seat or booster seat, or allowing the child to seat in the front seat, the result can be deadly.
    The records show that 43 percent of children who died in car crashes were improperly restrained.
    PARA LA SEGURIDAD DE NUESTROS NIÑOS, el uso adecuado de los cinturones de seguridad, en lugar de simplemente usar un cinturón de seguridad es absolutamente imprescindible.
    Para los niños, si el cinturón de seguridad no está bien sujeto a través del cuerpo, o si el niño no tiene un asiento para automóvil o un asiento de seguridad apropiado, o permitir que el niño se asiente en el asiento delantero, el resultado puede ser mortal.
    Los registros muestran que el 43 por ciento de los niños que murieron en accidentes de tránsito fueron indebidamente restringidos. For more information: http://www.npr.org/s...properly-restrai
    43 Percent Of Children Who Died From Car Crashes Were Improperly Restrained
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    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    Nuestra oficina puede ayudarle a completar un Poder de Abogado. Our office can assist you completing a Power of Attorney. Through a Power of Attorney you give authority to another person - selected by you - to act in specified or all legal or financial matters on your behalf. A través de un Poder de Abogado, usted otorga autoridad a otra persona - escogida por usted - para que actúe en asuntos específicos, ya sean legales o financieros en su nombre. Si tiene preguntas llámenos al 336-609-3400.
    Any questions call us at 336-609-3400.
    19 weeks ago Debbie Cockman Goodykoontz
    Great firm. I highly recommend them. A Power of Attorney and a Health Care Power of Attorney as well as a Will are very important. This firm will do an excellent job.
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    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    INFORMATION TO THE COMMUNITY - please read and take into account the following:
    - CARRY WITH YOUR DOCUMENTS DEMONSTRATING YOUR LEGAL STATUS IN THE COUNTRY OR DOCUMENTS THAT SHOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN CONTINUOUSLY LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS - This will protect you against Expedited Removal. Those in the Expedited Removal process will not have the time or opportunity to contact a lawyer. It is imperative that you carry with you documents establishing your continued presence in this country because you will not have time to obtain this evidence if you do not have it already with you at the time of the arrest.
    - DO NOT CARRY FALSE DOCUMENTS - this can result in criminal charges.
    - DO NOT RUN OR INTERFERE WITH IMMIGRATION AGENTS - as this could be viewed as an admission of guilt and even result in criminal charges.
    - KEEP SILENCE - You DO NOT have to testify - you have the constitutional right to remain silent. Avoid giving information that could be used against you.
    What is "Expedited Removal" - is an order that is executed without any prior hearing, review or opportunity to request to remain in the country - only if you express your fear of persecution in your country of origin, you will be granted an interview to determine if you have a solid basis for asylum.
    28 weeks ago Chevy Toledo
    Is this for everyone?
    28 weeks ago Silvia Alfaro
    This applies to people currently without legal status.
    28 weeks ago Debbie Cockman Goodykoontz
    I hope it works. Trump has become a Dictator.
    28 weeks ago Debbie Cockman Goodykoontz 1
    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC I would trust my life with you!
    28 weeks ago Volkov Law Firm, PLLC 1
    Doing what we can. Debbie Cockman Goodykoontz, thank you for your support!
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    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    INFORMACIÓN A LA COMUNIDAD – por favor leer y tener en cuenta lo siguiente:  - LLEVE CON USTED DOCUMENTOS DEMOSTRANDO SU ESTADO LEGAL EN EL PAÍS O DOCUMENTOS QUE DEMUESTREN QUE USTED HA ESTADO VIVIENDO CONTINUAMENTE EN ESTE PAÍS POR AL MENOS DOS AÑOS – Esto le protegerá contra un “Expedited Removal” o “Remoción Rápida”. Aquellas personas en proceso de Remoción Rápida no tendrán tiempo ni oportunidad de contactar a un abogado. Es imperativo que lleve con usted documentos estableciendo su presencia continua en este país porque no tendrá tiempo de obtener esta evidencia si es que no la tiene con usted en el momento del arresto.  - NO LLEVE CON USTED DOCUMENTOS FALSOS – podría resultar en cargos criminales.  - NO CORRA O INTERFIERA CON LOS AGENTES DE INMIGRACIÓN – podría ser visto como admisión de culpa y hasta resultar en cargos criminales. - NO FIRME NINGÚN DOCUMENTO –  - GUARDE SILENCIO – NO tiene que dar testimonio – usted tiene el derecho constitucional de permanecer callado. Evite dar información que podría ser utilizada en su contra. Que es “Expedited Removal” o “Remoción Rápida” – es una orden que se ejecuta sin ningún previo juicio, revisión u oportunidad de solicitar permanecer en el país – solamente si usted expresa su miedo de persecución en su país de origen, se le otorgara una entrevista para determinar si tiene bases sólidas para pedir ASILO.
    28 weeks ago Karla Altamirano
    A valid drivers license works? And where can we see this news?
    28 weeks ago Karla Altamirano 1
    Thank you.
    28 weeks ago Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    Yes, of course Karla Altamirano. You can have access to updated news here: http://www.aila.org/...s-clips-01-27-17
    28 weeks ago Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    Karla Altamirano, you are welcome!
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    Volkov Law Firm, PLLC
    We are here to help you, when you need us the most!
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